The Spirit of Dubai

The Spirit of Dubai Perfumes is an award-winning luxury brand that embodies the marvelous city of Dubai at its pinnacle of success. Inspired by the true essence of Dubai – innovation, world-class luxury, ingenious creativity and skillful craftsmanship.

The fragrances have been globally praised on their success to offer the world a sensory adventure of Dubai through the alluring scent of perfume. The blend of high quality natural materials creates a long lasting memorable scent. The Spirit of Dubai has released two collections so far with seven fragrances each. The second collection expands the prior narrative, covering more themes in the quest to pay tribute to the city of Dubai. Discover the brands Ultra & Ultra - Niche collections featuring, Eau de Parfums, Pure Perfume Oils, Incense Bakhoors, Oud, Ultra-luxe Perfumed Body Lotions & Gift Sets. Currently, the brand has47 products introduced to cater to their loyal consumers.

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The Mall
P.O.Box: 53909,Umm Suqeim 3,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Weekdays from 8AM - 10PM
Weekends from 8AM - 12AM
+971 43 48 48 48